How to

Unleash Your Inner Competitor



Without More Information, Gimmicks, Hacks or Wasting Time

(all written in as if you are the client talking) - DELETE THIS ELEMENT

Okay, Christian:

You watched your video.

That’s what I need.

✔ High Contact coaching and Accountability

✔ Access to (4) 1-on-1 30-Minute Coaching Calls ($200)

✔ Daily Accountability ($250)

✔ Access to The Inner Circle ($200)

✔ Access to The ITP Fitness Membership site (includes workouts, follow long workouts, stretches, recipes, and more) ($79)

✔ Access to The ITP Fitness App ($99)

Its not working when I try it by myself

every day I'm gaining weight, I'm less motivated and I'm growing even more frustrated

Now, how the heck do I get started?

I'm ready to be coached and held accountable rock!

Well, then:

"The First Month has not yet ended and I've lost 18lbs"

Mike Harris- Success Client




I Bet You’re Wondering...

"how is this going to be different?"

Yep, I hear that all of the time.

But here's the inside scoop...

More than likely you already know what to do but YOU are just not doing it

I am not here to sell you more workouts, give you hacks, gimmicks and make fake promises

what I am going to do is hold you ruthlessly accountable to taking ACTION on the things you say you want

First will be making a Game Plan to set a WIN for you

Simplify your ACTION steps so you have a Playbook to follow

and Ill be checking in with you Daily to make sure each day you #DOWORK and have a win.

My guess is no other trainer has done this for you...

The Reason?

They don't know how to get you into action

they don't understand what you are going through

They don't want to do the work. Just giving you a PDF and letting you be on your way

I'm going to do what no other trainer has done for you

I am going to coach YOU

Most trainers dont meet you where youre at

They give you a general plan for your specific problem

Then give you a bunch of shit to do causing overwhelm

and when it doesn't work they blame you

this causes burn out of trying and failing and eventually you decide to "fuck it" and give up

But I'm not going to let you because I am going to meet you where you're at and coach you to where you need to be with a custom Game Plan to your specific problems

Are you in?

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Condensed summary of everything you will do for them, how you are better, and why they need to act NOW.

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